Teaching R with Pokémon Go data

Psyduck, the yellow duck Pokémon, with question marks around his head.

Psyduck hurt itself in its confusion (via Giphy)

You teach me and I’ll teach you

I wrote in a recent post about some training materials I wrote for teaching R Markdown.

Now I’m sharing another thing I made: Beginner R and RStudio Training (featuring Pokémon!). It’s an introduction to R, RStudio, R Projects, directory structure and the tidyverse. It uses Pokémon Go1 data that I collected myself.2

You can:

It’s pretty rudimentary in content and design but it got the job done. I’m unlikely to update it any time soon. Feel free to use all of it, parts of it, or even fork it on GitHub and improve it.

Other materials

Why didn’t I just use materials that are already out there? Well, I find it easier to teach material that I know well and that’s particularly true for things I’ve written myself. Also I couldn’t find any Pokémon-themed guides, so it was obviously inevitable.

Below are some other training materials to consider. I’m certain some of these will be out of date over time, or better things will emerge, but I’m unlikely to come back and update this post in the meantime.

Starting with R and RStudio

Going further

Getting help

Gotta badly draw ’em all

I’m sure it didn’t escape your notice that I drew some stunning images for the training material. Here’s a gallery.

A hand-drawn image of the Pokémon CaterpieA hand-drawn image of the Pokémon ClefairyA hand-drawn image of the Pokémon GeodudeA hand-drawn image of the Pokémon NidoranA hand-drawn image of the Pokémon PikachuA hand-drawn image of the Pokémon PonytaA hand-drawn image of the Pokémon Weedle

  1. Add me as a friend on Pokémon Go. Friend code: 9572 6464 0472.

  2. The data are available in my ‘draytasets’ GitHub repository and in the pkmn_go function in my {dray} package.